Although they are kinda spendy, Apple hardware is great and I really like the buttonless, bluetooth Magic Mouse. I started using one with my Windows laptop and was surprised at the lack of info on the interwebs about getting the scrolling to work. Found some paid software for full support but, come on, it’s just a mouse driver.

Turns out its really easy:

0. Just download, extract and run this file. Or if you’d rather download the executable from Apple instead of me (no hard feelings), do this:

  1. Bounce over to Apple and grab the Boot Camp Support Software. As of right now, the latest 64-bit version is here. Or you can check about halfway down this page and grab other versions from the table.
  2. Extract the ZIP file you downloaded, the mouse driver is in the \BootCamp\Drivers\Apple folder and called AppleWirelessMouse64.exe – just extract and run it.

Also, in there are Windows drivers for just about every other Apple peripheral, yay!